Cyclists waiting for traffic to pass at designated crosswalk.SPRINGFIELD – To increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, State Senator Mike Simmons successfully championed a set of new laws to require permanent vehicle crossing signs to be added to bike trails and created a task force to monitor the impact of local bicycle and pedestrian plans.

“Last summer we lost the lives of two children, on two separate occasions, to cyclists’ accidents in our community,” said Simmons (D-Chicago). “We want our residents to feel safe by providing them with the security of increased protections for pedestrians and cyclists to prevent heartbreaking tragedies like we experienced last year.”

Senate Bill 1710 requires bike trails to have warning signs along the path warning pedestrians and cyclists of a vehicle crossing at least 150 feet in advance. The new law ensures cyclists on a trail have ample warning to know when to slow down and stop before a busy intersection. Permanent signage on state roadways warning vehicles of bicycle trail crossings also must be added within 150 feet of a trail crossing so vehicles can yield. Signs to warn cyclists of other trail hazards, damage to the trail, and maintenance of the trail will be installed.

Additionally, House Bill 2131 creates the Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force to help reduce bicycle accidents on roads by reporting detailed analysis of existing practices around speed limits, the reduction of speed limits, the steps to eliminate vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle fatalities on roads, and their lasting impact.
“We can prevent bicycle injuries and accidents by following the rules of the road and watching out for each other,” Simmons said. “I am happy to see these initiatives go into effect to make roadways and bike trails safer for everyone.”

Senate Bill 1710 and House Bill 2131 were signed into law on Friday and go into effect Jan. 1, 2024.


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Washingtn D.C.CHICAGO – State Senator Mike Simmons joined senior White House and Department of Justice officials virtually to discuss the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and how federal and state governments can work together to implement the act to reduce gun violence.

“Gun violence plagues the communities of Illinois and beyond. My colleagues and I have worked tirelessly to advocate against gun violence and are aggressive in passing legislation to save lives and rebuild communities,” said Simmons (D-Chicago). “I am ready to take the work we have done here in Illinois to the next level. We need to implement strong, consistent policy to get weapons of war off our streets and save lives.”

In Illinois, legislative leaders have passed the Protect Illinois Communities Act, legislation cosponsored by Simmons which places a ban on assault weapons and increases the duration of a Firearm Restraining Order from six months to up to one year. Simmons has proactively worked to reduce gun violence and make communities safer in the Senate by chief-cosponsoring House Bill 4383 and House Bill 4729. Both bills were signed into law last year, one which banned ghost guns and the other which developed a statewide safe gun storage public awareness campaign.

Simmons partners with community advocates including Moms Demand Action - Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady United Against Gun Violence, Giffords PAC, and survivors of gun violence from his district to build out and fight for sensible gun laws. Last year, Simmons hosted a People’s Legislative Council on Gun Violence to listen to constituents’ lived experiences and bring their voices into the legislative process.

“Action is needed at all levels of government to contain the gun violence epidemic. I plan to build on my track record of fighting for and advancing sensible gun legislation while centering the advocacy and needs of my constituents here in the 7th district. Collaborating with the White House and other state leaders to fully implement the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act is an important step forward in reducing gun violence and saving lives.”

Simmons attended the virtual White House Meeting with States on Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Implementation Friday.



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State Senator Mike Simmons addressing collegues.

Caption: State Senator Mike Simmons addresses fellow legislative leaders.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – State Senator Mike Simmons traveled to the White House on Wednesday morning to meet with the Biden-Harris Administration and state leaders from across the country to discuss action that can be taken to increase access to high quality, affordable child care for working families.

“I grew up in a household where I saw firsthand the struggle single moms go through to ensure their kids are cared for while they work and attend school to advance their careers,” said Simmons (D-Chicago). “In my people’s legislative council for single moms from my district, our 7th district moms talked openly about how hard it is for them to find good child care that they can afford and rely on. They also talked about the need for paid time off to tend to their children’s needs.

I am proud of the work that’s being done in Illinois, including co-leading the fight to create a permanent child tax credit for Illinois parents and reimbursing parents who’ve had their SNAP benefits stolen. I am thrilled to meet with the White House and legislative colleagues from around the country to brainstorm legislative proposals and underscore the critical role of child care to community well-being. This is hugely important work for the humanity of children, moms and dads, extended families, and caregivers. Providing high quality, affordable child care is the right move to support a strong local economy and build strong communities.”

Simmons joined senior White House officials, as well as state leaders and legislators from across the country to discuss policies that support the affordability, quality, and supply of child care. Simmons has been a fierce champion for working families with a track record of fighting for a permanent state-level child tax credit, and successfully advocating for the recently enacted paid leave policy for working-class families. The Biden-Harris Administration has long highlighted the need for a better approach to child care, and the president’s budget reaffirmed his commitment to transforming child care and reducing child care costs for working families.

“Child care is critical for families’ financial stability and for the sustainability of the country’s economy,” Simmons said. “Even when families are able to find child care, it is often not affordable. We must provide our families with solutions at all levels of government to ensure that now, and for generations to come, families live abundant lives, free from the stress of the inability to afford one of their most basic expenses.”

The White House States Convening on Child Care took place Wednesday, July 19. Watch the livestream recap here.

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SB 2278SPRINGFIELD – Local governments will not compromise driver or pedestrian safety in order to accommodate large trucks on non-designated highways thanks to a new law advocated for by State Senator Mike Simmons.

“Widening intersections to accommodate larger trucks takes away space that can be used for bike lanes, pedestrian walkways and green space,” Simmons said (D-Chicago). “This law will ensure these bike lanes, walkways and open spaces will remain available to community residents to use and enjoy.”

The new law provides that an agency or local government will not be required to design, construct, widen or alter a non-designated highway to accommodate trucks between 55 and 65 feet in length. Additionally, a local government will be required to report to the Illinois Department of Transportation any limitations that prohibit the operation of vehicles on non-designated highways and any non-designated highway that is not designed or constructed after Jan. 1, 2023 to accommodate trucks between 55 and 65 feet in length.

“Highway construction can be time-consuming, dangerous and significantly impact traffic flow,” Simmons said. “This law will allow local governments to avoid such a big undertaking by not requiring them to change their non-designated highways to accommodate larger trucks and vehicles.”

Senate Bill 2278 was signed into law on Friday and goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

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